Support for Cuffley Hill

Support for Cuffley Hill / Application Number: 07/19/0200F – For 58 new homes.

    • A sympathetic and sustainable extension to the village of Goff’s Oak creating much needed accommodation for local people.
    • The development provides a good mix of detached, semi -detached and terrace housing offering 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom properties along with apartments. This will create an attractive development within a lush green environment where various sized properties will be available to all generations.
    • Removing derelict land use and associated run down structures.
    • A new junction off Cuffley Hill utilising the existing access for the nurseries.
    • A mix of house types are provided to help create a family orientated community with a close relationship to the surrounding green spaces.
    • The concentration of existing trees in the northern part of the site will be used as a green open space along with a new planted buffer zone.
    • Footpaths along Cuffley Hill will be extended into the site to encourage pedestrian access to and from the site.
    • The proposed ecological corridor along the western boundary will ensure biodiversity along this boundary and provide appropriate screening to approved new residential development adjacent.
    • Ornamental trees and shrub planting used within the housing areas will soften the streetscape and enhance the setting of the informal open space areas.
    • Meadow grassland seed mixes and marginal planting appropriate to the local area will be used to create grassland habitats of high wildlife value complementing the retained tree within the open spaces and especially the larger public open space area to the north of the site.
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